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The Last Daughter of York by Nicola Cornick

The Last Daughter of York by Nicola Cornick is a stand alone fantasy including historical fiction with a dual timeline story aided by a talisman. Part of the story is set in the "modern day" and the other part is set in the 15th century. Nicola Cornick adroitly weaves the modern day story of a women who returns to her grandparents' home which was the setting of a tragedy involving the unsolved disappearance of her twin many years ago with the legend of a royal family caught up in the struggle for power during The War of The Roses and the mysterious disappearance of heirs to the throne that continued on until the modern day. As the main character begins to remember snippets of the tragic events from that night so long ago, she begins to uncover the truth of a tragic event that her memory is reluctant to reveal because it is too fantastical to consider as real, but in doing so she stumbles across the truth of the historical legend of the past and how it may be connected to her own tragedy.

Nicola Cornick veers ever so slightly from the historical record as in any historical fiction, the author takes creative license to construct the necessary characters and situations for the progression of the plot. She also and weaves in a lodestone purported to be infused with magic older than Christianity. The inclusion of a legend of the use of ancient magic is similar to that practiced by Elizabeth Woodville, and her daughter with King Henry, Elizabeth of York in the Two TV Series, The White Queen and The White Princess, respectively, based on Phillipa Gregory's book The Cousins' War. The inclusion of the ancient magic by both authors is just enough to add some spice to the plots of their stories without overpowering the historical record. This is a must read for all readers of historical fiction/ fantasy.

Learn about Nicola Cornick, her additional dual timeline stories or buy her books by clicking here.



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