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Notable Quotes from "Sparking the Inferno" Book One of the Circle of Origin Series by Brandon Carter Discussion #4

light of dawn just peeking over dark horizon
light of dawn just peeking over dark horizon

"Zodiacal Band in the Pre-dawn Sky" by Tunc Tezel


Notable Quotes #4. "Dawn was still a memory on the horizon..." (chapter 39, page 229)

For me, this phrase is just packed with meaning. The interactions of the meanings and definitions of dawn and memory; dawn and horizon; and, memory and horizon in this phrase bring so many alternate meanings that the second part of the phrase "...and already they were making decisions without him" can be expanded as a foreshadowing or a flashback.

Did something "dawn" on the people in the conversation? We still have no idea why Theis or Aurnia are doing what they are. What dawn is it that the author alludes to? Is it a literal dawning of a day, or a dawning of a new power, or a new era? Does it dawn on Nevin and his friend Aidux, that he may be one of "the heroes of a thousand faces" that will do something, to cause something else to happen, to save something or someone, or defeat something or someone, or deliver something important? Maybe it dawns on Theis that he is delivering someone or something for some purpose. Perhaps it dawns on Aurnia that she needs to continue to be a part of this journey after meeting Nevin and seeing and sensing the Sharasil.

Why is Donald helping out? Just exactly who is he? What does he know? Is it important? In the previous page, 228, we read that Aurnia offers to trade a particular "memory" of his for a piece of Orlicite. Is this part of the "memory" that has yet to dawn on the horizon? We know nothing of Donald, his wife, or his life. Who has memory of dawns or horizons? Are these memories oral histories or written in books? Are these memories or stories known by people still alive today? Are people forbidden to speak of these memories and stories? If so, why?

Does Aurnia or someone else recall that although the horizon may be quite dark a dawn will be coming? Does she remember a dark horizon? Will there be a new dawning on the horizon? Has Theis seen this horizon before? What horizon must a dawn rise over to loosen the grip of the current dark? Did Ishen teach Nevin about this horizon or this dawn? Was Aurnia alive in the previous dawning? What about Theis? Does Theis even know why it is dark?

I hope you all agree with me that the dawn on the horizon we are waiting for is the memory that the next book in this series is coming soon!


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