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Notable Quotes from "Sparking the Inferno" Book One of the Circle of Origin Series by Brandon Carter #2

image courtesy of Jason Wylie-Author


#2. "The past week's events had rolled off of him like water off a duck's (Aidux) back." - parenthetical mine. Ch. 35, page 201.

I read this section of the book during The Moose Tracks of Origin's facebook discussion regarding pronunciation of the name of the Lynx in the , "Sparking the Inferno." It

was notable to me because the Author used a phrase that includes a homophone of the Lynx's name in a sentence that is about the Lynx. Very sneaky writing, Mr. Carter!

So many people chimed in to give their 2 cents. Jason Wylie -Author helped us all out with the visual shown above to clarify the pronunciation. Some, like me, thought it was pronounced "Adieu" as if it were a French pronunciation . Others thought it might sound like "Adoo." Another author chimed in with "EYE-ducks." It is apparent that the Lynx is a popular character in the story.

If you get a chance go over to The Moose Tracks of Origin facebook page and read the 21 comments over the confusion that is Aidux name. These discussions are another way to make reading more interactive.

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