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Notable Quotes from "Sparking the Inferno" Book One of the Circle of Origin Series by Brandon Carter #5


#5. "... the edges of the wide, slow-moving river that split the town in twain." - Chapter 40, page 235.

The Author, Brandon Carter, uses the word "twain" a number of times (!) in Circle of Origin Series Book One, "Sparking the Inferno". I suggest looking it up if you are unclear of its meaning because you will see it again.

The sentence above and the use of "twain" reminded me of a course on Mark Twain that I went to with my mom at the local senior center in fall of 2022. It included a discussion on the meaning of the word "twain" and who and why someone would "mark twain." The story is a fascinating one but, as with many stories about Mark Twain, it is hard to separate fact from fiction.

I am glad I knew a little because this author (know who you are) uses it more times than I can count! (pun intended). Git yerself sum no-ledge 'n' figger it out. Betcha can!


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