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Notable Quotes from "Sparking the Inferno" Book One of the Circle of Origin Series by Brandon Carter

edge of lake with melting snow on rocks and nearby woods with birch tree trunks in foreground
Melting Snow in the Woods

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This is an edited reprint of my special series of posts, Notable Quotes from "Sparking the Inferno" on The Moose Tracks of Origin Facebook page. For the original "Notable Quote" #1, There was no commentary. Blog posts on this website may be expanded and edited for further comments after reflection and response on the original postings.

#1. "A gust of chill wind swept past them, thick with the crystalline scent of melting snow." - Ch. 18, pg 105 (emphasis mine).

As emphasized in the above quote, "the crystalline scent" is what stood out to me. The author describes the scent of snow (!) through a the unique adjective "crystalline". Any of you who do not get or have never experienced snow may not understand this. This author is spot on in that snow has specific scents at different times. I can attest to the distinct differences in the scents of, for example, falling snow, just fallen snow, old dirty melting snow, frozen icy snow and this "crystalline" melting snow. I imagined the crystalline smell of snow as more of an early spring smell that is not in an urban or suburban area. It is a fresh crisp air scent that indicates the opening of the earth to an increase in daylight hours and warmth. It indicates a time that has not yet reached the heavy, wet, muddy smell that comes in late spring. Bravo to this author in setting more of the scene by including this olfactory description while the characters are tramping through the Upper Traagen Woods.

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Love the additional commentary! I’m so excited to read your quote by quote breakdown!!!

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