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Alligator Saves Town! Part IV

continued from Alligator Saves Town! Part III

How my favorite childhood book, Alexander and The Magic Mouse, may have influenced my life.

I remember the mystical and exciting presence of the Magic Mouse who could foretell the weather with her tail and make white cakes with pink sugar to cure illness. My favorite adult fiction books center around a character with some sort of magical powers. I like those who work with wands and spells, as well as those who work with herbs and food. I like magical characters in fiction as fantasy or historical fiction. I just like magical characters. Who would not want special powers, I sure did (do!)

I remember reading about how the lady and her friends all pitched in with their unique skills to complete a project. I remember seeing the townspeople all pitch in to fill sandbags and rebuild the bridge. Then I remember the townspeople showing their gratitude and acknowledging the effort put in on their behalf. I like to help out. I am a helper. I help wherever I can, whenever I can, however I can. I like to volunteer in my community to help others do better, think better, eat better, feel better, sleep better. I just want to make things better. It makes me feel good whether I am thanked (I usually am) or acknowledged (some certificates but not awards, so far), but I am not in it for accolades.

Most of all, I remember the scary alligator who smiled. Yes, smiled. The scary thing was not really scary. The townspeople had been taught to be scared of all alligators and Alexander was one of them, right? The little boy, may have had less teaching in why to be afraid of alligators, but thankfully he was not scared or they all would have been lost. I know I am still afraid of alligators because I was taught to at least be wary of them, but I try hard not to be afraid or wary of them all just as I hope the alligators are not afraid of me and will give me a chance. Finally, I remember that Alexander sat down and cried out of exhaustion, frustration and sadness. The little boy recognized his tears and offered to help. The little boy did not know what Alexander was trying to do or what he had already accomplished, but he walked up and asked. I like to think that whenever I see someone exhausted, frustrated and sad whether or not she is crying, that I would walk up and ask. Sometimes helping really is as simple as running a note down the street to the Mayor, an ear to listen, or a shoulder to lean- or cry- on for a while.

There is no way to scientifically measure how my favorite childhood book may have influenced my life, but I like to think that reading can be a positive influence for anyone. Reading introduces us to people we may never meet, takes us to places we may never travel, times we may never live in, and allows us experience doing things we may never even imagine we could. A book is more than opening a new world for a reader it is truly an immersive experience that can be remembered for a lifetime.

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