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Alligator Saves Town! Part III

A continuation of how my favorite childhood book, Alexander and The Magic Mouse, may have influenced my life.

I remember the idea of creatures of different backgrounds getting along for the sake of getting along. I mean, why not? If the others are not threatening or harmful why not? I just like the idea of getting along with others, no matter what. I keep myself open to new cultures and opportunities to learn about and from them.

I remember the idea of living on a hill far enough away to have "space" be it personal, social or psychological. And, yet be close enough to stock up on watermelon pickles! By the way, I love watermelon pickles. If you have not had them, please find some soon and enjoy! Having space is good, but having close friends is better. What better way to enjoy friends than with hot ginger tea and yak butter? When my sons were young I would make a meal of fresh, homemade biscuits with lots of butter and jam and fried eggs. Of course, there was also a pot of hot tea, earl grey was our drink of choice, with milk and sugar poured from my Grandma Ruby's cream colored porcelain tea pot with the golden dragons. A better meal, I have not had.

Read more about how Alexander and The Magic Mouse may have influenced my life.....

(continued in Alligator Saves Town! Part IV)

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