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The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons

The Ruin of Kings, by Jenn Lyons

The first book in the fantasy series The Chorus of Dragons, The Ruin of Kings, introduces the main character, Kihrin, a bedraggled youth with a shady past and present, who is revealed as a part of a ruthless and powerful royal family out to take control of Quur. Kihrin runs from the unwanted role that was thrust upon him when courtly life is not as in dreams, but actually treacherous within his wicked newly found family. Kihrin then begins his fantastic and enthralling journey in which he confronts the many dragons, gods, and demons who appear throughout his childhood storybook tales. Just as courtly life was not as he thought, most of the tales are not as he was taught to believe. Kihrin reevaluates the teachings of the storybooks and learns the truth behind the stories, and just who are the true dragons, gods, and demons. But, Kihrin does not uncover the truth to reform the world, but rather to destroy it.

To learn more about Jenn Lyons click here and also here. ENJOY!


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