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Silver Light by W.K. Greyling

The first book of the Mothertree series by W.K.Greyling, Silver Light, is a wondrous introduction to a faltering world with lands in jeopardy of losing the special magic and power of its Mothertrees. A power hungry group is set on killing all of the Mothertrees and changing the legends of Thara, the mysterious being intertwined with the magic of the Mothertree, and the "Reachers" who inherit powers and wield some of its magic.

After his father, Carrac, is exposed, Walde, who has inherited the magic, sets out to discover just what has become of his father and to the Mothertrees that appear to be dying across his world. On his way, he meets Brite, a girl about his own age, in the midst of being attacked. Brite is a stalwart, smart and confident girl who now must flee her village to avoid prosecution. As they travel together, Walde and Brite each share some secrets with each other, but seem to hold back many others.

Near their destination, they stumble upon a group of children who appear to be quite organized and sophisticated. Walde and Brite learn that the adults were rounded up and never returned. The children have been unable to grow since that time. The children supply and equip Walde and Brite to finally enter the city that holds the answer to what happened to Walde's father. In answering that question, Walde, discovers new magic of the Mothertree and foreshadows, a further adventure for later in the series.

Well done, W.K.Greyling! This is a great series starter that sets out some likeable main characters who both save and need saving as they journey. Walde and Brite complement each other in odd ways, but it works to make for a quirky bond between them. The quirky bond leads to some surprising exchanges and interactions between the two.

The Side characters introduced, including Thara, the mysterious being behind the Mothertree and Reacher powers, beg for books of their own. If they do not, I do. I want to learn more about the origins of Thara, the Mothertrees, the Reachers and how they are all connected with the land and its people. I want to learn what happens to Carrac, Brite, and the children whose growth is stuck in time.

In this first book W.K. Greyling gives enough of a hook by way of a great yet straightforward introductory tale, that of Walde in his Lakelands, to reel the reader into the details and crumbs left; that of Brite, Thara, Carrac, etc.; for later in the story and in subsequent books. The struggle between spirituality, religion, and political power has long been a theme for storytelling. W.K.Greyling handles it deftly and leaves the reader with a little inspiration at the end of Silver Light that hope is just at the end of the tunnel.

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