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Playing Fruit Basket Upset With My Life

The last three weeks or so have brought mixed blessings. First, let me say I love my niece to pieces and was thrilled that she came up from Florida for a two week visit to Michigan in February! I was unprepared, but managed to keep us both busy. Among other things, we volunteered for an afternoon; visited the"Printmaking in the Twentieth Century" exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts, as it is Terry's area of expertise; and she experienced her first ice and snow storms, both of which knocked down trees and power lines in our area.

The next week, I pushed myself too hard physically after my regular Monday volunteer shift preparing tax returns by making lunch for 50 people at the warming center for Tuesday. We received our first printing order of A Fine Loaf of Bread in the middle of the week, then at end of that week, we said our last good byes to our beloved 17 1/2 year old cat, Tabitha.

I was off my groove for another week while trying to re-balance. We all need to do that now and again. I got behind in my blog posting but continued reading and listening to audio books that I will write reviews for in the near future, so look for those!


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